SPC Reviews: The Missing Special

‘ … fresh new writing … directed and performed with speedy energy and pace … ‘

The Missing Special

By Richard Hearn
Winner of the Rialto 2016 new writing competition

The Rialto Theatre
Brighton Fringe 2017

Rufus is having an anniversary dinner with his partner – and as these things do, memories are stirred up and replayed. What happened during that missing year? When he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, loyalties are tested.

Neil James’ Rufus is a maths-obsessed nice guy, plunged into a world he can’t understand or explain, his growing panic gripping attention as his world unravels.

It’s cleverly constructed and neatly presented around the Rialto’s small stage and auditorium. As Rufus stops time and replays what happened, a waitress and an ‘audience member’ are dragged into the mix. There’s
great support and versatility from the rest of the cast, particularly Jonathan Hewlett as sullen audience member, gently loving Dad, snide cop and weary lawyer. Kitty Newbury’s sparky waitress and Sophie Dearlove’s patronising workshop facilitator are sharply observed.

Fresh new writing, sometimes reminiscent of a US sitcom – Big Bang Theory and Mom spring to mind – and while some of the comedy in the writing is still to be discovered and drawn out, the production’s directed and performed with speedy energy and pace.

Pretty Villain Productions

Jonathan Hewlett
Kitty Newbury
Neil James
Sophie Dearlove

Directed by Roger Kay

Philippa Hammond